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Ken Low

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Sifu Ken Low

Ken Low is a polite, friendly, and obliging professional civil engineer working for the City of Vancouver. He is also the candidate of the Liberal Party in Burnaby-Douglas. People may find it hard to believe that he is a celebrity in the martial arts circle in North America.

Master Ken Low is a 9th degree Master, recognized by the Confederation of Canadian Wushu Organizations. He is also the president of the Canada International Sanshou Federation, the president of the Canada International Qigong Association, the chief instructor of the Vancouver City Police Lion Dancing Team, and the president of the B.C. Wushu Association.

Master Ken Low graduated from the civil engineering program of UBC. He worked as a municipal engineer for 25 years. He has made great contributions to the beautification of the City of White Rock and the City of Vancouver. Under the influence of his father, himself a Chinese Kung Fu Master, Ken was deeply interested in the Chinese Martial Arts since he was a child, and has studied it since he was 6. Throughout the years of constant practice, he has attained great skills and knowledge of Traditional Kung Fu and Modern Wushu. During his university years, Ken has won more than 150 trophies from many regional, national and international tournaments. People have praised his excellence in conduct and academics, and a master of both the pen and the sword. He is a great role model for children.

Master Ken Low has great experience in teaching Kung Fu and Wushu. Following Master Low’s foot steps, his students have won top awards in many regional, national and international tournaments. The mottos of his teaching are: respect, virtue, focus, confidence, and self-control. Aside from attaining good health and virtue; learning self-defense techniques, fighting philosophy, traditional arts in ancient weaponry and lion dancing, are also the goals of Master Low’s classes. For many years, parents have entrusted their children to Master Ken Low’s school.

Chinese martial art is also a traditional art. It is also an important component of the broad and profound Chinese culture. For 35 years, Master Ken Low has made great contributions to promoting and passing on the Chinese culture. He also provides excellent classes for children to learn martial arts and do exercise.

Many people also know Master Ken Low as the promoter of the renowned annual Can-Am Martial Arts Open tournament. This tournament has attracted more than 500 athletes from across Canada and the U.S. each year. Started in 2010, many athletes from Asia have come to the Can-Am to compete. The year 2011 will be the 32nd annual, making the Can-Am International Martial Arts Open Tournament the longest running and one of the largest tournaments in Canada.
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