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Anchorage Judo Center, Inc.

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550 Bragaw Street
United States of America
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Mark Langberg
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Mark Langberg
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At Anchorage Dojo, you will learn the techniques and principles of Kodokan Judo. As you do so, your self-discipline, self-confidence, and respect of self and others will increase. You may choose to practice Judo for fun, as an effective form of self-defense, for the health benefits, to increase your balance and coordination, or as a competitive sport. What ever the reason, we welcome you to our martial arts school, and look forward to having you in our classes.

The Martial Art of Judo

The word "judo" (pronounced jūdō) is formed from two Japanese words, and is often translated as "the gentle way".
ju meaning gentle, supple, or to give way.
do meaning "way of life". This idea of "the gentle way" takes many facets in Judo.

For example, using the principles and techniques of Judo a smaller weaker individual can over come and control a larger stronger aggressor; bringing them into submission by utilizing the force of the aggressor as well as balance and leverage.
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