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Deadly "Kesa Gatame" judo technique seminar.

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Richmond Sports Club - No. 5 in Richmond
2251 No 5 Rd,
V6X 2T1
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Jul 26, 2014 10:00am
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Jul 26, 2014 1:00pm
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Peter Kolar
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Sensei Peter Kolar is a black belt in judo. Started judo at 9 years of age - 40 years of active martial arts experience. His Judo accomplishments ranged from becoming the junior champion of Czech republic first time at 16, through numerous medal placements at the tournaments, to the successful coaching career, training students from junior level to the first division men's team. In the last several years, sensei Peter moved into the MMA field and is teaching MMA JUDO modifying his Judo techniques for NO GI situation.
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For all the young MMA fighters (including the aspiring ones). Do you agree that in today’s MMA competition a fighter, who wants to be successful MUST know some Judo basics? If yes, then this might be the seminar for you.

There was a lot of attention given to the last Rhonda Rousey fight, especially the 'kesa gatame' technique that she used to beat Alexis Davis. Very underrated technique, because it looks so simple. Yet so powerful that I consider it 70 to 80% fight ending by submission or TKO. If the fighter is knowledgeable in the various attacks and in the defense of their position. Out of the Kesa Gatame position - there are the following submission attacks possible:
- 2 armbars,
- 1 wristlock
- 1 compression choke
- 1 blade of the palm choke
- 1 suffocation
- 1 head crank
- Ground and pound (what Rhonda has done)

There are three major escapes from Kesa Gatame, however, all are very difficult against skilled fighter. Nevertheless, I will demonstrate them all.

Part of the seminar will be also few selected MMA JUDO takedowns, especially those that can lead to the Kesa Gatame.
And we may throw in my favorite Sumo fights - just for fun.

The seminar fee is $15 (out of which $5 will be to the gym as a drop in fee)

Please confirm the attendance only if you are sure about coming

Sensei Peter Kolar
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