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Valley Submission Challenge

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School of Boxing & MMA
1212 N. Pines
Spokane Valley
United States
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Mar 02, 2013 09:00am
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Mar 02, 2013
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$35 Gi & No-Gi
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(509) 315-9920
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Valley Submission Challenge March 2nd 2013
(School of Boxing & MMA
1212 N. Pines
Spokane Valley, WA 99212)

All Ages Gi and No-Gi Event

$25 Gi or No-Gi:
Register Before February 16th and get $5 off
$35 Gi & No-Gi:
Also pre- register for Valley Submission challenge t-shirts

This is an Elimination tournament with consolation brackets. Medals will be given for 1st 2nd & 3rd Place & participation medals for all Kids
In order to have the time brackets run smoothly we ask that all competitors have arrived and are ready for official weigh-ins no later than 15 minutes prior to competition start times.

Competitors will be grouped based upon experience and weight.

Tournament Start Times:
9am- 6& under
10am- 7-10yr olds
11am- 11-15 yr olds
12pm- 16/17yr old and Adults

Competitors must weigh-in wearing full legal competition uniform

*This is a Friendly competition and any un-sportsman like conduct will result in immediate disqualification from competition and removal from the premises. This also includes any parent/spectator and can be grounds for immediate removal from the premises.
*All questions and concerns will be directed to the tournament arbitrator, who will have the final say on all tournament related topics. Parents and/or spectators may never question the referee directly; all referee concerns must be brought through the arbitrator unless there is immediate danger to any competitor.
*All medical concerns will be directed to the tournament Medic. We reserve the right to activate the emergency alert system at anytime and will be at the discretion of the tournament Medic and Arbitrator. Safety is our NUMBER 1 concern and any unsafe actions must be reported immediately.

* Actual brackets are subject to change and may be combined based upon attendance.

No-Gi Competition Rules will be as follows:
-All matches will be 4 minutes in length and will only be stopped in the event of a legal submission, expired time or referee call.
- In the event the match runs the time out, there will be a sudden death 1st takedown challenge. (Competitor must use a legal takedown and show control over his opponent on the ground for at least 3 seconds)
- If both competitors leave the competition area while engaged in action, the referee may stop the competition and restart in the same position in the middle of the allowed competition area. (This is for the safety of the both competitors).
- Each competitor will be allowed one coach during the time of competition. Coaches must be in the designated coach’s area while coaching or the referee may disqualify the competitor if several warnings have been made.
Illegal techniques for competitors under 18 will be:
- No Chokes with Spinal Pressure/ Locks (Guillotine, Ezequel, Arm Triangle etc.)
- No pulling down on the head in the triangle position
- No Omoplata
- No Wrist or small joint manipulation
- No Rib/Kidney compression techniques from closed guard
- No Straight Ankle or Knee Locks or toe holds
- No Cutter techniques (bicep, calf)
- No Can-opener techniques
- No Neck Cranks
- No Spinal or cervical Locks
- No Twisting knee locks
- No Slamming of any kind (you must have control of your opponents fall)

Illegal techniques for adult competitors:
- No Straight Knee Locks
- No Inside figure 4 toe holds
- No Cutter techniques
- No Can-opener Techniques
- No Neck Cranks
- No Spinal or Cervical Locks
- No Heel Hooks
- No Slamming (you must have control of your opponents fall)
Points for Gi Competition
2 point techniques:
- Takedown to Guard 2pts
- Knee on Belly 2pts
- Sweep 2pts
- Side control reversal 2pts
- 2 pts will be awarded to your opponent for pulling/ Jumping guard
3 point Techniques:
- Takedown to any position other than guard
- Pass guard
4 point Techniques:
- Mount (side, back)
- Back Grab
- Body Triangle from back

Spokane School of Boxing and MMA
1212 North Pines Rd., Spokane Valley, Washington 99206
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