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Rear Naked Choke 101 :)

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Master Dan Studio on Fraser St.
5965 Fraser Street
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Nov 03, 2012 6:30pm
End :
Nov 03, 2012 8:00pm
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Peter Kolar
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Sensei Peter Kolar is a black belt in judo. Started judo at 9 years of age - 40 years of martial arts experience. His Judo accomplishments ranged from becoming the junior champion of Czech republic first time at 16, through numerous medal placements at the tournaments, to the succesful coaching carrer, training students from junior level to the first divison men's team. In last few years, sensei Peter moved into the MMA field and is teaching grapling and pankration side of MMA modifying his Judo techniques for NO GI situation.
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Note :
I will repeat this last seminar - since the timing was very bad last time (UFC night and tournament next day)

For those who are interested, I will teach several different aspects of REAR NAKED CHOKE. I know few moves which are not commonly taught. The class will be equally divided between defense techniques a attack techniques - with variations and drills.

Who will benefit from the class?

Anybody, who fights in disciplines where the rear naked choke is allowed.
Too many people seem to have a very limited defense against the RNC. And unfortunately most of them find it too late (when the choke is applied on them) :)

See you there

Sensei Peter

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