Dear MMA friend,
Welcome to our website that has been built as a contribution to the Mixed Martial Arts community.

MMA ROLODEX is a World Wide Catalogue of Martial Arts Events, primarily designed as a directory of Events for MMA Fans. It also lists Dojos, and of course the Card Girls - and will soon add other listings, such as: Fighters, Promoters, Senseis (coaches and trainers), Agents, Dojos, Groups (Associations, etc.), Health Pros, Martial Arts shops, and PPV Pubs and Sports bars.

Anybody can post information here for FREE.

There are two way to post information:

  1. Anonymously - NO Registration needed. Just click on [POST YOUR EVENT] button and fill the form.
        Same goes for POST PROFILE.
    NOTE: Anybody will be able to change and edit your posting.

  2. Register first - Click on [Register] button in top right corner and follow the form.
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Any information posted by registered user when the user is logged in - will be accessible only to that user. Nobody else can change it. It applies for Events, as well as any Profile.

MMA Rolodex is the tool for you to market yourself.

Peter Kolar
President, MMA Rolodex